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relationship counseling 101
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Maknaes Dummies line

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Jung Yong Hwa  Successful Businessman

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How to eat cold noodles

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141001 kimheenim: Park Minwoo Lee Hongki and I played rock paper scissors and the loser will have to buy clothesㅋㅋLee Hongki was selectedㅋㅋㅋㅋ #Threefools (cr)

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fanboy encounter with ailee lol (cred.)

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140929 Sukira - Hyuk: Who wants to go watch a movie~ for 15 minutes, no one replied my kkt. It’s okay, movies are at best watched alone. Who wants to go get a massage together~ again, for 15 minutes, no one replied. It’s okay, I can just go get it alone. I like doing things alone! watching movies alone, etc. I don’t get hurt from things like people not replying.//(all trans by nksubs)

forever alone hyuk

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